Ilvio Gallo
Ilvio Gallo

Corso di Porta Nuova 46 b
20121 Milano - Italia
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film that unravels itself in front of our eyes: it is not only visual evidence, not only a story, not only play of light and dark, not only a woven intricacy of plot and subplot, in their multitude of levels. It is much more than scenes, instances, notes, and etchings.

The photography of Ilvio Gallo is a feeling and a discipline. Feeling with the art of communicating through people and images. Discipline of the eye, and of the emotions, the alchemy of time and visions. More than actions and dialogues, its domain is of meetings with extraordinary persons and places, of emotional impact, the dialectic between systems of harmony and dissonance, of senses and rhythms. Photography, cinematography, video and digital art are the avenues by which its collage of precisions moves to investigate reality, discover new registers, create other languages without ever letting itself obstruct its energy by means of pseudo-artistic necessities.

Its manuscript has more layers than literature, scripted purposefully to elaborate a sensory communication, finds allies in popular music, design, and fashion, though none of these is exclusive, or more or less definitive than the others. Because to orient oneself, one needs to explore the future continuously. Donft abandon the path, as it is impervious of the search to push forward, to find and find again the self. Ilvio Gallo, who has left his mark through book photography, photo, video clips and video exhibits, and numerous projects for major design firms, international houses of couture, musicians, moguls of style and design, has neither antiquated theories to follow nor asphyxiating limitations to imprison himself within.

He has only the desire to record segments of life. Simply. And, of course, with a mark completely his own.


2020 : AZZEDINE ALAIA images video books
10 Corso Como images video exhibit
GEBANA images and video
2018 : AZZEDINE ALAIA images video books
Ducati video 'Carbonio'
Vidiwall NAIMA store Roma
2017 : AZZEDINE ALAIA images video books
Vidiwall NAIMA store Roma
2014 : ALAIA images video books
10 Corso Como Promo video "Shanghai"
2013 : ALAIA images video books
10 Corso Como Promo video "Shanghai"
KRIS RUSH video "Landing on Earth" in London
NESTLE promo video "Fitness"
AUROLA Festival "Natura e Spirito" image and video
MINITAL LUX AD photocampain "Spillo"
2012 : ALAIA images video
2011 : 10 corso como 20 Years Video
Soft Brew Sowden ideazione e regia
ALAIA Couture Hiver libro immagine
2010 : Vinki Noble "IL SENTIERO DELLA DEA" ideazione e regia DVD
Vinki Noble "Charge of the Star Goddess" ideazione e regia DVD
2009 : ILVIO GALLO A.I. 90-91
Exhibition at Galerie YellowFishArt, Montréal
Salvatore Brizzi "Alchimista contemporaneo" ideazione e regia DVD
Bruno Brigo "Elisir di lunga vita"
ideazione e regia DVD
Roy Martina "Omega healing"
ideazione e regia DVD
Attilio Speciani "Corpo e Cibo"
ideazione e regia DVD
Eleonora Brugger & Paul Kircher "think free feel free be free"
ideazione e regia DVD
2008 : Fabio Marchesi "io scelgo io voglio io sono"
ideazione sceneggiatura e regia DVD
Igor Sibaldi "isturzioni per gli angeli"
ideazione e regia DVD
2007 : "one off" images
alias campagne pubblicitarie
CD cover Fabio Concato "Oltre il Giardino"
2006 : "one off" e "industreal"
CD cover Fabio Concato "Telefono Azzurro"
"the design of prosperity"
2005 : "one off" e "industreal" images
2003 : "Alias" Book images SEC
"BTicino" CD rom
2002 : "Romeo Gigli" Advertising campaigns, images & video
2001 : "Romeo Gigli" Advertising campaigns, images & video
"Yohji Yamamoto" Illustration book
"Maria" Mystic video
2000 : "Hardware" Video exibit LAH
"Kyoshu" Documentary of Japan
1999 : "Atkinson" Video and commercial.
"Anabasis" Exhibition at Cruz Gallery, Los Angeles
1998 : "LA" Website
"Kriss Rush" Photography
"Paola Brusatti."Video and photography
1997 : "Esquire Japan" special fashion issue.
"Uomo Vogue" videographs for artistic project Anabasis
"Tito Gasparini" art documentary.
1996 : "Azzedine Alaia" photographs and video at the exhibition in Florence
"Alessi" Book and CD rom on the approach and philosophy of design: "L'Oggetto Dell'Equilibrio"
"Antonella Ruggero" Video and CD cover in India.
1995 : "Nike" Advertising campaigns for "Run-tennis-dance". (Videographs)
1994 : "New York Times" Magazine fashion segment: (Videographs)
1993 : "Romeo Gigli"Advertising campaigns, still photography (Videographs) and videos.
"Alberta Ferretti" promotional video.
1992 : "Romeo Gigli" Advertising campaigns, still photography (Videographs) and videos.
1991 : "Romeo Gigli" Complete advertising campaigns and videos for apparel and accessory line.
"Gallo Meets Thun" Exhibition in Milan, Dusseldorf (illuminated transparencies.)
1990 : "Walter Albini" : all images for the book published by Carla Sozzani.
1989 : "Romeo Gigli" Complete advertising campaigns and videos for apparel and accessory line.
"Andy Warhol" Exhibition videos; Walter Albini, Louise Dahl, Wolf, Carlo Mollino, Rodchenko.
1988 : "Cinzia Ruggeri" Photography
1987 : "Philosophical Jewels" Exhibition in Genova
"Olivetti Synthesis" advertising campaign
1986 : Complete to date collaboration with George J.Sowden and Nathalie Du Pasquier
Images for books and video.
1970 to 1980 : Photographic work, video and commercial - CD and record covers: pop / classical,